About mobical.me
Welcome to mobical.me - The all-in-one business tool.

mobical.me is a free all-in-one business tool that provides a digital platform for small businesses, schools, clubs and organisations to operate without the enterprise price tag. Established in 2013, Mobica BETA was first launched as a mobile calendar for arranging and managing events, both large and small.

Since its inception, mobical.me has since evolved into a comprehensive platform to simplify business and personal digital interaction. SMEs, schools, retailers, clubs and associations can create their own web page in under an hour.

mobical.me is an all encompassing platform that can be used to sell products and services, plan events, run fundraising campaigns, and communicate with a contact database and the wider mobiCommunity via email, SMS or using the mobical.me app.

In a nutshell, mobical.me has been set up to empower small business owners, schools, clubs and associations, to now dabble in the digital space.

Today the platform has over 5,000 individual users, with a loaded database of over 45,000 contacts, which continues to grow.

For more information go to www.mobical.me or connect with mobical.me @Mobical_me @Mobical.me.