Introducing albums
Store and share your photos with your contacts’s so easy to make comments.
  • Store and share unlimited photos with your contacts.
  • Enjoy a visual gallery.
  • Encourage interaction of the photos with mobiChat.
  • Unlimited storage which is easily accessible at any time.
  • Downloadable from the app or desktop.
  • Share the unique album tag with your contacts for easy access.
Using albums
A class outing... Takes lots of pics, upload them and publish to your albums. Sit back and see the comments and likes pour in. Or take photos of a specific product range of your business and have your clients review and discuss them.
”Albums was a really nice feature to inform our sponsors of the work that we were able to do as a result of their support. We took some pics uploaded, published an album and within minutes our sponsors started commenting.”
Mrs. Mathews, Human Outreach Forum
Watch this video
All about storing photos in albums and notifying your contacts.
Create your first album
In no time you will be publishing albums to your community.
  • Create your album.
  • Add your photos.
  • Share with your contacts.