Introducing campaigns
Create campaigns, share them with your Contacts or with the community and get instant results. Launch a quick poll and get instant feedback.
  • Start raising funds for a worthy cause.
  • Launch a quick poll and get instant feedback.
  • Receive secure online donations and keep track of how much money you have raised.
  • Track campaign responses in real time.
  • Export results for easy analysis.
  • Share the unique campaign tag with your contacts for easy access.
  • Promote your campaign on mobiPledges, Facebook or other platforms.
Using campaigns
Do you need to get the opinion from your group about an upcoming activity but don’t have the time to call them all individually?
Or, do you need to find out which of your products is a best seller, but don’t want to bother your customers?
It’s so easy using create your campaign and send out notifications, while checking responses in real time. You can even create a fundraising campaign… secure online payments means that you can easily track how much money you’ve raised.
“The ability to ask members to select a race option and pay - means the club gets a quick and accurate response and most importantly gets paid before we commit.”
Mr. S. Peters - CTG Cycling Club
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Mobical Campaigns gives you the tools raise funds and poll your contacts.
Create your first campaign
Raising funds has never been so easy.
  • Create your poll or pledge.
  • List your options.
  • Share with your contacts.
  • Download your results for analysis.