Introducing contacts
Store and manage your contacts in one place: customers, suppliers, club and team members, parents, your congregation or community.
  • Maintain a database of all your contacts in one place.
  • Manage from anywhere in the world.
  • Sort your contacts into teams, groups or categories - it’s up to you.
  • Add additional information for each contact.
  • Create an online form to capture contact information.
  • Bulk import and export your contacts - it’s that easy.
  • Invite your contacts to join or share your page.
Using contacts
A membership database is the foundation of any organisation. allows you to upload thousands of contacts in a few minutes. Once uploaded you can categorise them into teams. What's more is you can upload additional contact data eg. Identity numbers, membership information, date of birth etc. This information can be used in all your communication.
NEW: Get your members to capture their own information. Imagine ... now your member is responsible to keep his/her own info up-to-date.
”We were looking to build a central database to store the contact details of all our members so that we could communicate with them from one platform and solved this problem and more.”
Shamiel Daniels, Old Mutual Athletics Club
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Keep contacts and custom contact data in teams.
Create your first contact solves everyday member data problems that exists in most organisations.
  • Invite your contacts.
  • Create your teams and additional information.
  • Assign contacts to teams.
  • Upload contact additional information.