Introducing folders
No more searching through unorganised documents. Upload and store your documents - agendas, contracts, minutes, team schedules - in an easily accessible, centrally available and secure folder.
  • Store, file and share documents.
  • Access stored folders from anywhere in the world.
  • Unlimited cloud storage that is easily accessible.
  • Share documents when you need input from your contacts.
  • Receive instant feedback via mobiChat.
  • Send a quick notification to your contacts when an updated version is available.
  • Generate an unique page tag to share with your contacts for easy of use.
Using folders
Keep all your documents in a secured and organised place - easily accessible by members who are authorised to see them. After an executive meeting, publish the minutes and discuss it online - wasting no time in getting the job done.
”I really like the simple way of uploading minutes after a general meeting and immediately all members are notified of a new document published to the folder. They then start to make comments and the fun begins ...”
M. Hattas, Secretary - CTG Cycling Club
Watch this video
All about storing documents in folders and notifying your contacts.
Create your first folder
Take minutes, upload them and publish them to your members like a professional.
  • Create your folder.
  • Add your files.
  • Share with your contacts.