Introducing messages
Communicate with your contacts via instant messages, email or sms.
  • Personalise a message with mail merge and broadcast it to your contacts and the wider community.
  • Choose your security settings to share your message with your contacts and display in mobiNews.
  • Share the unique message tag with your contacts for ease of use.
  • Track message delivery and views.
  • NEW: Instant messaging makes for quick responses.
Using messages
Inform your team members of an upcoming meeting...simply share a message via email or sms through the website, or using the app. Or, when there’s a new committee member and you’d like to share the news with your group, broadcast the announcement to thousands.
”It only took me about 15 minutes to set up our mobiPage and what we now have found is an easy-to-use platform that makes communicating with our members effortless.”
Shamiel Daniels, Old Mutual Athletics Club
Watch this video
See how in a matter of minutes you can reach the world.
Create your first message
Import your contacts, create and send your message. It's that simple.
  • Design your message.
  • Choose your security settings.
  • Share with your contacts.